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Noda’s images capture the trivial glimpses of daily life. Yet, they never fall prey to self-indulgence. Serene glimpses at the objects represented prevent personal subject matter from becoming self-centered, as Noda turns his humble self-examination into reverential records of the stark beauty that lies in the quotidian. In 1968, when Noda was 28 years old, he won the International Grand Prize at the Tokyo International Print Biennale. He was the first person to receive such an award for a print that incorporated photography. His innovative method of printmaking involves using a combination of traditional Japanese woodblock techniques and screen printing. Inspired by traditional Ukiyo-e printmaking techniques, he first adds color through wood engravings and watercolor. He then applies a silkscreen made from scanning in photographs through his mimeograph machine. Although this mixed-media technique is quite prosaic today, Noda was the first artist to initiate this exquisite breakthrough.




1940   Born in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan

1965   Completed Graduate School, Tokyo National Univ. of Fine Arts and Music (TNUFAM)

1976   Jury for 5th British Int. Print Biennale

1984   Visiting Artist, Univ. of Alberta, Canada

1985   Visiting Artist, Bezalel Academy of Arts & De sign, Israel

1988   Visiting Artist, Vanderbilt Univ., USA 1990 Appointed Professor, TNUFAM

1991   Professor, Tokyo National Univ. of Fine Art

1998   Visiting Artist, Columbia Univ., USA

1999   Visiting Artist, Okinawa Prefectural Univ. of Arts

2006   Honorary London Metropolitan University Doctor of Letters




The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

The Museum of Fine Art, Boston

Museum of Modern Art, New York

Hirshhorn Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.

The British Museum, U.K.

Warsaw National Museum, Poland

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem




2016   “Tetsuya Noda: A Retrospective - Diary of 50 Years”, Andrew Bae Gallery, Chicago

2016   "The Diary of Tetsuya Noda", Ayala Museum, Manila

2014   "Noda Tetsuya's 'Diary' Series", The British Museum

2011   “Remains of a Day”, Andrew Bae Gallery

2010   The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago

2009   “Abstract and Figure”, Andrew Bae Gallery

2006   “Diary Uncovered”, Andrew Bae Gallery, National Museum Modern Art, Tokyo

2004   “Days in a life”, SF Asian Art Museum, SF

2003   “MOT Annual; Days”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo

1999   Die Kleine Galerie, Vienna, Austria

1998   “Photo Image”, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

1997   Solo Exhibition, Shizuoka

1995   Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo

1992   Norwegian Int'l Print Biennale, Norway

1990   National Museum of Art, Osaka, Japan Cincinnati Museum of Art, Cincinnati

1989   Ljubljana Int'l Print Biennale, Slovenia

1988   Vanderbilt University Art Gallery, Tennessee Miyagi Prefectural Museum of Art, Japan

1987   Shizuoka Prefectural Museum, Japan

1986   City of Shimonoseki Museum of Art, Japan

1980   Printed Art, MOMA, New York

1977   The Mechanized Image, Arts Council of Great Britain, U.K.

1972   Venice Biennale, Graphic International Section

1971   San Paulo Biennale

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