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Kwang Jean Park’s subject matter explores the Taoist concept of Yin and Yang, or the cyclic and perpetual intermeshing of opposites. She employs binarisms such as “heaven and earth” or “light and dark” as metaphors for the more abstract metaphysical Yin-Yang concept, while often literalizing its binary nature by presenting her works in a diptych format. She uses a two-step process to create her large woodblock prints. First, she designs the prototypical composition from which the woodblock will be cut into multiple panels. The complex colors are created by these multiple printings upon the paper. Next, she finishes the cycle of her process by returning to the paper with brush and charcoal, adding elements of color or lines, thereby instilling additional richness and depth. Even though the artist works in small editions of usually 5 to 10 of the basic print structure, each finished work  in this manner is essentially unique.




1993-1996   Lecturer, Ewha Women's Univ., Seoul

1991   Studied at Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan

1981   MFA, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea




1982   Award of Excellence, 2nd International Miniature Print Exhibition, Space Art Gallery, Seoul

1981   Award of Excellence, The 1st Korean Contemporary Prints

1957   Born in Seoul, Korea




2011   Fermilab Gallery, Batavia, IL

2011   Andrew Bae Gallery, Chicago

2007   Amelia Douglas Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2006   Andrew Bae Gallery, Chicago, USA

2002   Andrew Bae Gallery, Chicago

2001   Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas, USA

1998   “Arts of Pacific Asia,” New York

1996   1st Tokyo Mini Print Triennale, Tokyo

1993   “Contemporary Prints - 40 Years,” National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul

1991   The 5th International Biennale Print Exhibit, R.O.C.

            Taiwan Korean Graphic Art Now, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia

1989   “Korean Contemporary Art Today”, Hungary Internationale Moderne Kunst Ausstellung,


1988   Galerie Roswitha Benkert, Zurich Roho Gallery, Berlin

            Korea Contemporary Arts, the 24th Seoul Olympic Exhibition, Seoul

1986   “Contemporary Art by Korean Artists,” Invitational show, Kyoto Municipal Museum, Japan

1985   18th Biennale de Sao Paolo, Brazil

1983   Young Artists Biennale Exhibition, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul

            Cabo Frio International Print Biennale, Brazil

1982   “Metaphor in Painting”, Seoul

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