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Katsunori Hamanishi is recognized worldwide as a master of the difficult mezzotint printmaking process. Although this method originated in 17th-century Europe, Hamanishi has exploited its potential for subtle gradations of tone to produce striking contemporary work of a distinctly Japanese aesthetic. The artist is what is called an “artist’s artist” because when other printmakers look at his fastidious and detailed work, they are left in awe. Hamanishi loves shapes, their interactions and their details – all of which he slowly and deliberately reveals in his unparalleled, meticulous mezzotints. In recent years, the artist has begun to add a bright touch of red or blue as a contrapuntal note to his detailed compositions, and these sudden bursts of color further emphasize / showcase the dazzling brilliance of his creative imagery.





1949   Born in Hokkaido, Japan


1973   MFA from Tokai University


1989   Foreign Visiting Artists Program, Windsor, Canada


1990   Visiting Artist, U. of Pennsylvania, USA


1997   Visiting Artist, Bradley University, USA





The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

The British Museum, London

Museum of Modern Art, New York

The Art Institute of Chicago

The Library of Congress, Washington, DC

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Cleveland Museum of Art Fine Art

Museum of San Francisco

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Norway

The Krakow National Museum, Poland

Osaka Museum of Modern Art

Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art




2013   Andrew Bae Gallery, Chicago

            The Art Institute of Chicago

2012   “Out of the Darkness”, Smithsonian Museum, Arthur M. Sacler Gallery, Washington D.C. 2004                      “Masters of Mezzotint”, Worcester Museum, MA

2001   Andrew Bae Gallery, Chicago, IL

1997   Tobai International, Chicago, IL

            International Print Biennale, Yamanashi, Japan

1996   Beograd Graphic Biennale, Yugoslavia

1994   Torun International Print Biennale, Poland

1993   “A View of the New Age”, City Museum of Hiroshima

1990   Biella International Print Exhibition, Italy

1987   Frechen International Print Biennial, Germany

1986   British International Print Biennial, Bradford, England

            Japanese Abstract Prints, Art Institute of Chicago

1985   4th Listowel International Graphic Biennial, Ireland

1984   International Mezzotint Competition, USA

1983   Cabo Frio International Print Biennial, Brazil

1982   9th Int’l Triennial of Original Colored Graphic Prints, Switzerland

1981   Ljubljana Int’l Print Biennial, Yugoslavia

1980   International Miniature Print Exhibition, Seoul

1979   France Contemporary Exhibition ’79, Paris 8th Ibiza Biennial, Spain

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