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Beauty is harmony.


Two different elements, not reliant nor to subjugate by the other, radiate extraordinary beauty of its own when embraced in harmony.  Seemingly chaotic nature often demonstrates its ultimate beauty from its unintended harmony at the end.

Dabin Ahn (b. 1988) is a young artist who has innate talent to conjure up the new from old, and abstraction from realism.  His mind and eyes shift seamlessly between the two dimensions to three dimensions in which makes his realized vision mysteriously intriguing and beautiful.   

His early self-portraits are expressed in the classic realm of 'Caravaggio' in oil on canvas, and then transcends effortlessly into the modern abstraction of 'Mondrian' style but in his own interpretation of space.  He is a MFA student at SAIC.




2017   BFA (Painting/ School of The Art Institute of Chicago), Chicago, IL 2017


2007   Painting, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

1988   Born in Seoul, Korea








2018   Solo Exhibition, “2 + 3,” Andrew Bae Gallery, Chicago, IL



2013   Solo Exhibition, "Records of Light," Gallery Imazoo, Seoul, Korea



2012   Solo Exhibition, "Me, Myself and I," Gallery Topohaus, Seoul, Korea



2008   Solo Exhibition Gallery So, Seoul, Korea







2016   "I Hear Shit," Gallery Laura, Chicago, IL
           BFA Thesis Show, Sullivan Gallery, Chicago, IL
2013  “Silence, I Discover, Is Something You Can Hear," Gallery LVS, Seoul, Korea
           The 12th Korea Internation Art Fair, Seoul, Korea
2012   Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong
           Jang Heung Art Market Jam, Seoul, Korea
2002   "Lightless Light," Imart Gallery, Seoul, Korea
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