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Photographer SeungHoon Park displays an obscure side of hectic cities with the usage  of 8x10’’ large format camera, weighing 110lbs. His mosaic-woven-textile assemblages of positive 16mm movie films, cut and loaded in the heavy camera, have explored an essence of the complex world. Each tiny film captures the space undergone transformation, showing a chaotic appearance of world like what Parks says, “a detailed patchwork composed of inextricable labyrinth where the eyes can get lost.” One sublime world, however, exists beyond one single print simultaneously. Recording every change in the surroundings and reinterpreting them elevate the quotidian city into the mesmerizing metaphysical space.


The exquisite imageries of distortive reality show Park’s intention not to share his subjective impression towards the world with the viewers. His search of objectivity offers the viewers opportunities to communicate their flashbaks relevant to the spaces with the artworks. One of camera’s traditional function, timeliness, becomes disappeared during these interactions. Park investigates this consistency of unfolding and evolving individual stories, while leaving his fingerprints or misaligned pieces behind.




2009   MFA Photography, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea

2004   BA Tourism, Han-Yang University, Seoul, Korea




2009   Photo Belt 2009 (SIPA)

2008   10th Photography Criticism Prize (Timespace)




Korea Exchange, Korea

National Museum of Contemporary Art: Art Bank, Korea

Sanofi-Aventis Korea




2014   Park Seung Hoon Solo Show, Visionair, Singapore

2013   ‘Travelog’, Pyo gallery Seoul, Seoul

            ‘Travelog’, Pyo gallery LA, LA

             Park Seung Hoon Solo Show, Visionair, Paris

2012   ‘Travelog’, Pyo gallery Seoul, Seoul

2011   ‘Travelog’, Pyo gallery LA, LA

            ‘Travelog’, Pyo gallery south, Seoul

2010   ‘TEXTUS’, Sarah Lee Artworks& Projects, Santa Monica

            ‘TEXTUS’, b’one gallery, Seoul

2009   ‘TEXTUS’, Space 355, Tokyo

            ‘Photo Belt’ Exhibition, UM Gallery, Seoul 




2014   Kan Text, Space22, Seoul

            Festival of Photography in Museums, Gyeongnam Art Museum, Gyeongnam

2013   New Photography in Korea, Galerie Paris-Beijing, Brussels

            100 Photographers, Bibliotheque departementale, Marseille

            Another Chain Bridge, Koran Cultural Office, Budapest

            Love Actually, Seoul Museum, Seoul

2012   Hong Kong international photo festival, Hong Kong Art Center, Hong Kong

            Daegu Photo Biennale, Center for Developing Culture, Daegu

            urban promenade, Pohang Museum, Pohang

            Photo Transgression, Art space Jungmiso, Seoul

            ‘Delving In’, Interalia, Seoul

2011   Seoul Photo Festival, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

            ASEAN-Korea Contemporary Media Art, Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul

            Three Photographers in wonderland, Pyo Gallery, Seoul

            Seoul, City Exploration, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

            Studio Vortex 2, Galerie Montgrand, France Marseille

2010   Photo Off, La Bellevilloise, Paris

            New Photography in Korea, Galerie Paris-Beijing, Paris

            Aspects of Korean Contemporary Photography, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

            All the Scenes of the World Jang-Heung Art Park Museum, Jang-Heung

            Beyond the Lens, ShinHan Bank Gallery, Seoul

2009   10 Years Photography Criticism Prize, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

            Seoul International Photo Festival, Garden 5, Seoul

            Paris Photo, Louvre, Paris

            Different 4 ways, Guardian Garden, Tokyo

            Atelierdevisu Projection of Photographs, atelier de visu , France Marseille


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