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Dr. Keysook Geum’s dramatic sculptures of elegantly posed forms embody the fusion of timeless Asian aesthetics and philosophy with contemporary flair. They are constructed of paper-wrapped wire, gems or beads, and sometimes silk. Starting with a central focal point, Geum works outwardly in a concentric manner reminiscent of a spider. As the artist weaves, twists and bends wire two-dimensionally, intricate forms and unintentional patterns emerge. The natural tensions of interlacing wire pushes and pulls out until figurative shapes begin to take form. With a background in designing costumes for large-scale dance and theater productions, Geum’s sculptural works are imbued with her delight in movement, energy and gesture. Geum likens the works to the Buddhist lotus flower, a recurrent symbol in and inspiration for her work. She is an author and professor of Textile Art and Fashion Design at Hong Ik University in Seoul, Korea. Since 2007, she has also been serving as the president of the Korean Society of Costume.




President   The Korea Society of Costume

Professor   Dept. of Textile Art & Fashion Design

                    College of Fine Arts, Hong Ik University


1988   PhD, Textiles, Ehwa Womens Univ.

1988   Post Doctoral Fellowship, Univ. of MN





2014   Solo Exhibition, “Wire and Light,” Art+ Shanghai Gallery, Shanghai, China 


2013   Solo Exhibition, Callan Contemporary, New Orleans, LA, USA


            Solo Exhibition, "Visible in Invisible", Artspace H, Seoul, Korea



2010   Solo Exhibition, Gallery Bienvenu, New Orleans, USA



2008   Solo Exhibition "Moving or Dancing", Gallery Bienvenu, New Orleans, USA



            “World Wired Web”, Andrew Bae Gallery, Chicago

2007   Fashion Art from Korea
          Turkey Folklore Museum Gallery, Turkey
          GEUM-HONG & FRIENDS, Gana Art Space, Seoul
2006   Fashion Art from Korea
          Beijing Korean Culture Center, Beijing
2005   “Fashion is Art : Honoring the Visionaries with the Tribute to Excellence Award”,
          The Walker Art Center, Minnesota “Mind Over Matter, Body Under Design, The Goldstein          
          Museum: Minnesota
          Fashion Art Exhibition, “Air of the East”, Universitat der Kunste Berlin, Germany
2004   “Sculpt a Pose”, Andrew Bae Gallery, Chicago
          Hong Kong Arts Center, Hong Kong
          Metal Style, Le Conservation des Ocres et Pigments Appliques, Roussillon-Vaucluse,
2003   Fashion Art, Design School Gallery, Vienna
          Tigerman Gallery, Chicago
          Daegu Textile Art Documenta, Deaegu, Korea
2002   Air of Korea, Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu Art to Wear, Hitotsubashi Kinen Kodo, Tokyo
2001   Baeck Sang Memorial Hall, Seoul Busan Fiber & Fashion Art Festival, Busan
2000   Parsons School of Design, New York
          Kwangju Biennale Art to Wear Pavillion, Korea
1999   Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, Seoul Fashion Art, Haus der Kulturen, West Berlin
1998   Body and Cloth Narratives Exhibition, Dong-A Gallery, Seoul
1997   Kwangju Biennalen, Kwangju Korean Society of Costume, Seoul
          Fashion Art Festival, Soul Art Center, Seoul
1996   International Art to Wear Exhibition, Denmark National Museum, Copenhagen
1995   Kwangju Biennale, Kwangju
1990   SKIN Exhibition, Dongduck Gallery, Seoul
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