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Sept. 3 - Oc.t 6, 2018

Kwang Jean Park :    Flow


Who am I?


What  is  the  true  essence  of  what  I  see?

How  do things  exist  in  the  space  that  we  cannot  see  or  touch?


I  have  always asked myself these questions. I have been interested in exploring the true substance of nature and its inquiry into spiritual depth: light, taoism, yin and yang, unity, harmony and cosmological  order. 


Over three decades, I attempt to search the answers to these questions in my art. In paintings, large format woodblock prints and paper collages, it is my pursuant to this “Flow”, a fascinating interplay of physical  and  metaphysical  spectrum  of  nature in which  all  of  us  can  resonate.


Kwang Jean  Park


Celebrating  our  28 years  with  Andrew  Bae  Gallery

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