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6 MAR - 18 APR, 2015

Jungjin Lee's latest series Unnamed Road approaches the contested territories of Israel and the West Bank through landscape photography imbued with an elemental vastness that is at once powerful and serene.


Lee's Unnamed Road series is included in This Place a traveling exhibition of twelve photographers including Thomas Struth, Jeff Wall and Josef Koudelka . “This Place” travels to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Norton Museum of Art and other museums in Europe, the USA and Asia through 2016.


Jungjin Lee is one of the most celebrated Korean photographers of our time.  Her work is in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Whitney Museum of Art, L. A. County Museum of Art,  National Museum of Contemporary Art in Korea, and others.  This is her fourth solo exhibition with Andrew Bae Gallery.


"My project focuses on the deserts and the land that contains layers of history. The land has always been changing, but there are some fundamental truths that have never changed. This aspect of Israel was what I wanted to concentrate on and reveal through my photographs. 


You can feel the history of the country in the land. The land embraces fragments of past lives. What remains in the present gives you a feeling of what has happened there in the past.  In that sense, the diverse terrain can be approached both physically and emotionally.


What I am searching for in my photographs is something about life. It’s about the solitary state of being human. Life changes on the surface, like an ocean. You have the constant movement of water on the surface. But deep down, at the core, there is no movement."   

-  Jungjin Lee (from an interview)



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