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5 SEP, 2014

Following the restrospective solo show, Noda Tetsuya’s ‘Diary Series’ at the British Musem, this show exhibits a vast range of his Diary Series from his early years to his most recent works.


Tetsuya Noda; Next Chapter, celebrates the artist’s innovative approach to expand the possibilities of Japanese contemporary art through printmaking––combining traditional Japanese woodblock printing, mimeograph and screenprinting to create a timeless texture that captures routine, yet mysterious, yet defining moments in Noda’s life. 


This show exhibits his unrelenting sense of humor with subtlty that explores the various facets of our existence. In his latest portraits, landscapes, and still lifes, Noda with great wit and modesty shows us again his unique perception of life as we age.


Lawrence Smith, the Former Keeper of Japanese Antiquities at the British Museum describes Noda’s artistic invention over the years––”I began acquiring his work for the British Museum thirty years ago. It seemed he had reached a very early peak which I hoped he would maintain. But in this latest series, there is a palpable increase in depth, gravitas, and emotional impact, which is evidence of an even greater mastery coupled with impressive maturity. Like Johann Sebastian Bach, he was great young, and gradually got even greater as his work became always instantly recognizable.”

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