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18 OCT, 2013

Katsunori Hamanishi is recognized worldwide as a master of the difficult mezzotint print process. Although this method originated in 17th-century Europe, Hamanishi has exploited its potential for subtle gradations of tone to produce striking contemporary work of a distinctly Japanese aesthetic. The artist is what is called an “artist`s artist” because when other printmakers look at his fastidious and detailed work they are left in awe. Hamanishi loves shapes, their interlinkings, their details-all of which he slowly and deliberately reveals in his unparalleled, meticulous mezzotints. In recent years the artist has begun to add a bright touch of red or blue as a contrapuntal note to his detailed compositions, and these sudden bursts of color point up even more the dazzling brilliance of his creative imagery. His work has been seen in museums and institutions worldwide, including the British Museum in London, the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, and most recently the Worcester Museum in Massachusetts. Hamanishi has also served as a visiting artist at Bradley University and University of Pennsylvania.

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