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2 MAR 2012

The Andrew Bae gallery is proud to present to you the enigmatic power of Young June Lewʼs new painting series, “Everyday Saints”. Lew is in pursuit of finding sublimity in the faces of ordinary people. For the last fifteen years, she had been making paintings of mysterious empty-clothing figures that seem to come from perhaps another world. With this new series, the elaborately painted empty shells are now stripped down to their most basic forms and filled with strange flesh. Empty but filled, defused but clearly focused eyes of these faces depict, what she calls her "ordinary saints". “A personʼs face has no limit or an end. The same way a writer creates a man in his novel, I portray faces. I see very clearly the immanence of god in all faces.” Face, translated in Korean is “Uhl-Ghul”, which implies the spiritʼs cave, or its way of roaming, entering and escaping the cave. Please join us in celebrating Lewʼs new series as we unravel the origins of these faces, the ordinary saints in all of us.

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