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9 SEP, 2011

Tetsuya Noda is an eminent Japanese printmaker represented by abg for almost two decades.This exhibition is a special commemoration to Mr Daniel Bell, a prominent sociologist and a writer who died in early 2011. Being a longtime friend and an ardent collector of Noda, the number of works depict their whimsical and respectful relationship.Here is the part of Daniel Bell's essay written in 2000, "An Appreciation: Tetsuya Noda""This, I believe, is the extraordinary originality of Tetsuya Noda, a man without theoretical pretense - and possibly without such theoretical intention. He has created an oeuvre that bears the imprint ofeveryday life as a tireless, enduring set of images. More important, perhaps, is the innovation of a remarkable technique and compositional aesthetic that invites us, often compels us to enter the space of his images and live within it. That, I believe, is his mark on printmaking history."

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