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4 MAR, 2011

Park Kwang Jean’s abstract artworks derive from forces of nature. Like those forces, her artwork is a study in the beauty of pattern and direction, of balance and purpose. Its fundamental order supports infinite variation, like the unpredictable currents within a river held in place by its banks, or the disturbance of air that carries a musical note through space.Though she works in series of prints, each one bears individual identity, courtesy of the artist’s hand-applied woodblock method. The result is work that seems to describe at once the forces within the tiniest atom and that propel the greatest celestial body, as Alan Artner once wrote, “Her work strives toward some inner truth … in a universal geometric language that has been intensely, gratifyingly personalized.”Best known as a woodblock artist, Park Kwang Jean also paints extensively on free-hanging canvas and constructs intricately layered paper collage pieces of surprising depth and complexity. Added to her repertoire for this show are hanging ceramic pieces that, like her collages, give physical dimension to her dynamic imagery.

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