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Andrew Bae Gallery is proud to present Stone and Wind, a two-person show of sculptor Yongjin Han and photographer Jungjin Lee.Yongjin Han (b. 1934, Korea) is a seminal figure in Korean contemporary sculpture. He has been the leader in bringing Korea's tradition of direct stone carving out of figuration and into a refined abstraction following the Korean War (1950-53). Like the great Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi, Yongjin Han pursues truth to materials, seeking authentic engagement with stone as a substance that is both ancient and alive. The spirit of his practice is simultaneously light and profound: "The stone asks me to scratch its itch here, or there, so that's what I do!" His works are in museums and private collections worldwide. Major commissions include the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea; the city of Redding, California; and the Olympic Sculpture Park, Seoul.Jungjin Lee (b. 1961, Korea) is one of Korea's most celebrated photographers. To create her "Wind" series, she visited the American southwest and turned her lens upon the stark landscape. Later, in her darkroom, she brushed photographic emulsion on traditional Korean mulberry bark paper, and then printed her desert pictures upon this surface. The resulting works have a textural interplay of fiber, brushwork and image that powerfully evokes invisible forces. Jungjin Lee's photographs are in collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea; she is currently planning a new body of work in Israel.This exhibition joins two remarkable artists who celebrate the world as it is, making delicate interventions that articulate and amplify latent qualities. Despite their different generation and media, they share a sensibility rooted in an awareness of their being part of a place and time larger than themselves. Each embodies a spirit of respect and humility, and the resulting works are subtle and elegant. This is not art emerging from an ego; rather, each artist watches for the unseen and listens for the unheard, lending form to passing moments that would otherwise be lost.Both artists will be present at the reception on January 7th, 2011.


        STONE & WIND

7 JAN, 2011

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