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10 JUL, 2009

Andrew Bae Gallery announces the arrival of three new artists, Jin Yong Jeong and collaborators Kyung Sook Koo and Ian Harvey, who will join sculptor Myung Keun Koh for the new collective show, Emergence. Jin Yong Jeong creates works using traditional ink and paint, then covers them in a layer composed of millions of granule-size glass beads, which scatter and reflect light across the underlying artwork. The effect upon the viewer is that a shift in one’s physical position equals a shift in perception of the image. Elements seem to shimmer, recede and reemerge, expressing less the form of what he paints than the subjective reality of a dream. Despite their classical majesty, Jinyong’s works achieve an almost surreal evanescence. His architectural subjects seem to dissipate at the edges, like the vestige of a memory about to disappear. From different artistic and cultural traditions, wife and husband artists Kyung Sook Koo and Ian Harvey bring their complementary perspectives to bear on the evolution of identity and the conception of the self. Their works are composed of thousands of 2 x 3.5” business cards, onto which paint has been poured, dripped and splattered along with shellac and graphite, then allowed to pool and merge naturally. The cards are then arranged quasi-mosaically to depict abstract human figures, which seem to emerge primordially from the works’ background. The couple started their first collaborative project during a residency at Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in Omaha, 2006. Koo is a professor at Chungnam National University, Korea, and her scupltures and installations have been focusing on the body. Harvey teaches at California State Univ., Sacramento.

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