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16 MAR, 2007

Upon Reflection, the second solo show in the United States of Korean artist Young Bae Kim, will feature many of Kim’s most recent oil paintings, and his style continues to display a convergence of artistic traditions: the meditative austerity of Korean art meets with the formal realism of European painters such as Vermeer and Hammershøi.One hallmark of Young Bae Kim’s work is his use of suggested imagery rather than direct portrayal of the image itself. The reflection of trees ripples across water, shadows of colonnades ascend stone steps, and doors open into rooms not visibly occupied, however the sense of a presence just out of sight is unmistakable. Kim creates luminous images that are filled with hope and the promise of renewal. His art is that of transition, revealing – just barely – within moments of stillness what has come before and what may come after.
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