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9 JUL, 2004

Andrew Bae Gallery proudly presents Keysook Geum: Sculpt a Pose, its first solo showing of the artist’s work. Keysook Geum lives and works in Seoul, Korea – a dynamic city both steeped in tradition and on the cutting edge of contemporary art and technology – and this vantage point richly informs her work. On view July 9 – 31, 2004, the exhibition comprises a selection of Geum’s dramatic sculptures of elegantly posed wire and cloth forms, which embody the fusion of ageless Asian aesthetics and philosophy with contemporary flair.Geum's process begins with weaving and intertwining wire and later develops into investigations of more complex forms and shapes that emerge and take precedence. Starting with a central focal point, the artist works outward concentrically, in the manner of a spider. Geum webs and bends, lost in thought about the activities and interactions that they day brings, and creates unintentional patterns as she builds. The piece begins two-dimensionally until the natural tension of the interlacing pushes and pulls out figurative shapes. The artists then pursues the forms further by connecting ends to create volume and adds significant appendages and details. Her art pieces are imbued with her delight in movement, energy and gesture. They also carry a certain graceful dignity in their carefully considered poses, and the artist likens them to the Buddhist lotus flower, a recurrent symbol and inspiration.
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