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28 JUL, 2003

Asian brushwork, or calligraphy, is the subject of a new exhibition at Andrew Bae Gallery this summer. An art form combining poetry, abstract and mystical imagery with performance, it inspired postwar American artists Pollock, DeKooning and Kline. In the exhibit, four artists from Korea, Japan and China demonstrate the wide range of expression possible in contemporary calligraphy painting that simultaneously continues and breaks tradition.Yooah Park, one of the artists, will create a mural-size brush painting at 7:00 pm on opening night. The public is invited to watch as Ms. Park paints a 3 x 75 foot sheet of paper while observing the movements of a dancer. In this performance piece, as in Park’s other figurative works, she explores the relationship between bodily and spiritual motion, the force that animates her subject, known in Buddhism as chi.
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