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13 SEP, 2002

Andrew Bae Gallery will begin its second year in River North with a show of work by Korean-born artist Kwang Jean Park. A graduate of South Korea’s Ewha University, Park has exhibited her works on paper and canvas in numerous countries, including Japan, Germany, Switzerland, and Brazil. Last year the Spencer Museum of Art in Lawrence, Kansas hosted her first museum show in the US. This will be her first solo exhibition outside of Asia.The exhibit Mass and Void includes recent oil paintings and woodblock prints in which Park’s interest in the Taoist concept of Yin-Yang, the Eastern philosophy of opposites forever in tension, is visualized as elemental shapes such as circles, squares, spirals and waveforms. Strikingly contemporary despite its ancient roots, Park’s work is a result of her exploring, as she says, “the many conditions created when light and matter meet to produce a new kind of space, a subjective space [of] lines and an empty void.” The artist works and lives in Seoul, Korea with her husband and three children. She will be present at the opening. Andrew Bae Gallery is Kwang Jean Park’s exclusive representative worldwide.
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