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The Andrew Bae Gallery is holding a special holiday season exhibition featuring six outstanding women artists who create a unique fusion of eastern and western artistic styles and cultural traditions. This show continues the gallery’s ongoing project of introducing Asian artwork into the American milieu. By presenting works from his native Korea as well as other Asian nations, the show demonstrates that while cultural backgrounds and personal circumstances may differ, successful artwork can communicate through a universal language. Wonsook Kim is renowned for her lyrical and melancholy figurative paintings and lithographs. Often drawing from literature, she deals metaphorically with life’s deepest mysteries through compelling narrative scenes. Seeing her calligraphic marks as fundamentally figurative, Yooah Park innovates centuries of Korean tradition by engaging a central concern of western painting since the Renaissance. Her bold strokes evoke contemplation even as they remind that Franz Kline and the American Abstract Expressionists were strongly influenced by Asian painting. For more than a decade, Kwang Jean Park has explored the Taoist concept of Yin and Yang in abstract paintings and woodblock prints. This ancient philosophy basing all existence on the endless intermeshing of opposites takes form in a body of work characterized by expansive spaces and dynamic energies. Soon Shil Baik was born and raised in Korea’s southwestern Cholla Province, an area dedicated to the cultivation of tea and its associated traditions. Baik’s work is characterized by evocative, abstracted landscapes inspired by tea fields in a wide and bold palette.



7 DEC, 2002

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