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13 MAR, 2009

In partnership with the 2009 Southern Graphics Council Conference, Global Implications, Andrew Bae Gallery proudly presents the works of two eminent Asian printmakers, Kwang Jean Park and Tetsuya Noda. The exhibition, Abstract and Figure: two Asian printmakers, reveals the wide dimension of the art of printmaking in terms of thematic potential, from the abstraction of Yin and Yang to quotidian scenes of doing laundry and gardening, through technichal innovations in mixed media process that both artists have been celebrated for their contributions.The work of Kwang Jean Park eschews specific representation, conveying instead a broader truth. Her thematic use of the Taoist concept of yin and yang reflects its central tenet of mutual opposites that constantly interact, never existing in absolute stasis. Such a thematic approach to her art invites long exploration, which Park does, sometimes devoting years to a series of works connected by a common thread. Within each artwork can be seen a spectrum of essential dualities: light and dark, chaos and order, mass and void, sound and silence.By contrast, the works of Tetsuya Noda are so lyrically descriptive that it’s easy to miss how little they actually reveal. Each are snapshots of a larger narrative we aren’t privy to, but nonetheless convey an intimacy born of that pinhole perspective. Each image is a diary entry, an autobiographical record of the artist’s life, not of mundane milestones but of the smaller moments and objects which by dint of their omnipresence, so often go unnoticed.

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