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18 NOV, 2005

Sandra Sunnyo Lee paints with the intention 'to demonstrate self-awareness in the peaceful face, and to try to give those who view (her) paintings the feeling of equanimity and calm.' The primary subject matter in Lee‘s paintings has been one face in meditation. She sometimes multiplies that solo face, often in triptychs, with very slight variations, or, in the Momentum series, on one canvas, when one face is painted repeatedly, like a blur, as one might paint a runner in motion. The faces often share characteristics that can read as sensual, like full lips, shapely, well defined facial contours, and softly closed eyes. Recently Lee has begun to join two faces side by side, with one flipped upside-down. Called ‘Yes or No’ and ‘Yin and Yang’, one face is matched in opposition to another. Many of Sandra Lee’s newest works show the face with more realistic human characteristics. No longer do we see an iconic, dreamy, faded image; instead Lee is interested in portraying ‘regular people’ achieving a state of being similar to that which Lee first achieved through sitting Zazen, Zen Buddhist Meditation.

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